ICES has received a request from the European Commission for guidance on how pressure maps of fishing intensity contribute to an assessment of the state of seabed habitats. This includes an exploration of the trade-off between the space fished with bottom trawls and catch landed. The request will be answered through the traditional ICES advice process, using previous advice and the input from three workshops.
WKBENTH will further refine the methods for estimating benthic impacts of fishing gear. from the 28 February until the 03 March 2017 in the ICES Headquarters in Copenhagen 
WKSTAKE will begin explorations of the approaches and consequences of the analysis with stakeholders. on 23 March 2017 in the ICES Headquarters in Copenhagen 
WKTRADE will look at specific cases of the trade-off between benthic impact and catch. from the 28-31 March 2017 at the Dan Hostel, Vejlands Allé 200, Ørestad, Copenhagen 
Participation is open, although participation is conditional on meeting room capacity. ICES and its partner organisations are keen to encourage participation of relevant experts and specifically stakeholders in WKSTAKE. The workshops will consider the following regions the Baltic Sea, NE Atlantic, Black Sea, Mediterranean.  Feel free to publicise these workshops across your networks.